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Andromeda data/voice network illinois
Connecting and Protecting Business Since 1994
About Andromeda
Technology Solutions
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Executive Summary
Provide Technology Solutions in the following areas:
- Computers
- Networks
- Telephone Systems
- Fire/Burglar Alarm Systems
- Security Cameras
- Access Control
Our Proactive Approach helps you focus on your business.
Our Attention to Detail is unmatched in the industry.
We have a Passion for Customer Service.
Calls are returned in hours, not days.
Have your technology work for you, by maximizing your network infrastructure for more than just computers: Voice, Video, Scanning, Security, etc.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with exceptional service.

To be a full service organization specializing in the technology needs of businesses.

To provide both equipment and service, so our customers need only make one call to get their job done.

To place customer satisfaction above all else.

Andromeda Technology Solutions

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Andromeda Technology Solutions, Inc. was formed in the fall of 1994 as Andromeda Technology Solutions, Inc. What started as a computer and network business has grown steadily over the years into a multi-faceted company specializing in all aspects of technology. We have an intense passion for customer service and focus in the following six areas: Computers, Telephone Systems, Networks, Fire/Burglar Alarm Systems, Security Cameras and Access Control.

In the simplest of terms, we are an outsourced Information Technology provider – but it is the way we provide these services that sets us apart from our competitors.

Every aspect of our business is built around one principal – making the customer experience great by providing outstanding service. Please contact us or register now to learn more about the many ways we can assist you with your IT/computer networking needs.

Proactive Approach

Most companies that provide IT support operate in a very simple break-fix model, meaning when something breaks, you call them, and they come fix it (most of the time). We provide much more. We are more active and proactive in your business. We believe it is our responsibility to guide and steer your technology decisions, freeing you to run your business.

Throughout the year, we will make many recommendations of products or solutions that we think can help your business prosper. We will work with you on what fits in the budget now, and what to budget for the future. Once or twice a year we sit down with our clients and look at what they want to do, or should be doing in the upcoming year. This is our proactive approach to keeping your technology working for you.

It Just Takes One Call

Whether you are calling for a broken PC, or to order a new printer, you just need to call us once. We’ll take it from there. We strive to return phone calls within one hour; worst case is usually two. Most service calls are scheduled for a visit within 2-3 days; high-priority emergencies (server down) will get a visit the same day.

Attention to Detail

Our attention to detail is unmatched in this industry. We have systems and procedures in place to ensure even the smallest things do not fall through the cracks. When a service technician is on-site, anything he finds or that you report to him is reported back to your account manager for a follow-up action.

One-Stop Shop

The breadth of our services and solutions allows you to eliminate vendors and hassles from your life. Imagine having just one company to call for all your technology issues and questions. Computers, Telephones, Networks, Wiring, Fire/Burglar Alarm Systems, Security Cameras, Door Entry Systems, Printers, Mobile Phones, the list goes on and on. We handle them all.

Now imagine getting all that technology handled by one vendor with a passion for customer service and a focus on you and your needs. That is what makes Andromeda Technology Solutions different.

Our Simple Truths

These were written the day we formed the company. While the company has grown and expanded, these three simple points have not changed.

  1. Provide Great Service. Many companies say it. We live by it. There is no substitute for outstanding service, and you should never accept anything less!

  2. Being the Customer Should Be Easy. Your Job: Call us once. Our Job: Listen, present the options, solve your problem.

  3. Always be Honest and Fair. We never sell our customers more than they need. We make it right the first time.

Your Business is Our Passion

We do not outsource any of the services we provide. We do not believe other providers deliver the level of service that we expect for our customers. One reason we can deliver such outstanding results across a wide variety of solutions, is because we employ in-house experts in all our areas of focus.

Our passion is to provide you with the best service possible. We have a vested interest in your business, and view our relationship as a partnership. We are very protective of all your technology, as well as your confidential company information. As your technology partner, we know we often have access to sensitive information – and we treat it like it is our own. Your security and privacy are safe with us.

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